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Help people facing online harassment take back their lives. Power our movement against suffering in silence.

Over 65% of Americans have watched a friend or loved one experience online harassment.

Four in ten Americans have faced it themselves.

And the consequences can be devastating. Online harassment can damage a target’s reputation, digital security, mental health, relationships-- and worse.

It’s not hard to see why one in four people facing it abandon their online presence altogether.

Searching the internet for solutions can be daunting--and scary. So can admitting that you need help.

That’s why we’re here.

At OnlineSOS, we offer the most comprehensive base of information, resources and action plans to help targets of online harassment take action.

At OnlineSOS, people facing online harassment can decide their own next steps--and take back control of their lives.

That’s why we need you. Your support matters.

Donate to OnlineSOS to ensure that we can continue to empower individuals facing online harassment. With your support, we can fund the development of tools, resources, and partnerships to help those targeted by online harassment regain control of their lives.

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