Into 2020: The State of Online Harassment

Online harassment continues to grow and evolve despite its broader recognition as a problem. New tactics of harassment regularly emerge and individuals, companies, organizations and legislators struggle to keep up. What does online harassment look like today? How did we get here? What can we do to collectively and collaboratively create better outcomes for targets of online harassment and reduce the number of future cases? The State of Online Harassment Report, developed and written by the OnlineSOS team, sheds light on these questions in hopes of catalyzing action as we head into 2020.

Key attributes:

  • How tactics of online harassment are replicable on an increasingly large scale
  • What an individual experiencing online harassment may need and their current available options
  • Why creating a common vocabulary is critical to scoping the problem, engaging in productive discourse, and developing solutions
  • How grassroots groups supporting individuals play a key role in the ecosystem; it is important to provide funding to maintain and distribute their offerings
  • How creating better outcomes for individuals is possible through multi-stakeholder efforts
  • A new set of frameworks and exhibits to spark conversation and collaboration about online harassment and related topics
  • Preview the Executive Summary here →

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