Distribution of Intimate Images

Distribution of Intimate Images

When sexually explicit images or video of you have been disclosed and distributed without your consent and for no legitimate purpose. It's otherwise known as nonconsensual pornography, and often mislabeled as "revenge porn" despite the perpetrator's intentions. It can be categorized as “sextortion" if the perpetrator threatens to distribute sexually-explicit image or video to blackmail the target.
Taken from Mary Ann Franks' Revenge Porn Reform: A View from the Front Lines

  • An ex-partner shares your intimate images and/or video on a social network
  • A hacker takes over your computer and captures private images of you, and threatens to post the images if you don't pay or send increasingly explicit images
  • An ex-partner posts private images online with your personal information, claiming that you're available for sex acts with strangers
  • Someone films you engaged in a sexual act when you're unable to give consent (i.e. you are intoxicated, underage or being assaulted)
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First, make sure you:

  • Secure your physical safety
    -- Consider: Call 911, move location if feel unsafe, tell a friend
  • Stop, breathe, and contact a helpline or trusted ally about what is happening
  • Complete a threat assessment to understand your risk level
  • Save properly before deleting posts and communication

Then, choose what to do:

Find all unwanted posts using reverse Google image search

Submit litigation hold request if considering legal action

Create and fill out incident log

Create binder with printed screenshots and incident log

Determine takedown approach for images/video
-- Submit takedown form for content if it is pursuant to platform's terms of service
-- Submit DMCA takedown form if platform will not remove content based on service terms
-- Ensure your personal information isn’t published on the request
-- Save copy of takedown form
-- Refer to this action guide if sites refuse
-- Obtain copyright of content if needed before submitting DMCA takedown form

Identify who else the published images/content have impacted or may impact
-- Decide how or if to communicate with these parties


Consider doing the following:

Seek legal, law enforcement, mental health/emotional support

Monitor content posted online
-- Set up search alerts for additional content or have a trusted source do this
-- Search or have a trusted source search for additional images

Manage communication with perpetrator and/or about your case
-- Enlist friends or trusted allies to help you
-- Use a filtering tool like Squadbox or via your email provider
-- Check out Badass Army’s support network
-- Block perpetrator on social media and on your phone

  • If the perpetrator threatens you, file for an Emergency Protective Order

  • If you want to take additional action to stop a known perpetrator:
    -- File a restraining order
    -- File a police report
    -- Save copies of any report or case documentation

  • If you want to take additional action to stop an unknown perpetrator:
    -- Take the actions specified above and consult with a digital abuse attorney



Use these additional OnlineSOS checklists and resources if:

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